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He’s called “The godfather of Internet marketing. He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of Internet Marketing and is responsible for introducing many of the technologies and tactics you see used on the Internet today (most notably e-books, remotely hosted ad-tracking, and integration marketing).

Who’s Your Coach?
Who’s Your
Corporate Consultant?

You Don’t Have One?
Even Tiger Woods Has A Coach (for golfing)!

Lark Williams


NOTE: Due to popular demand, 1-hour sessions
on a space available basis can now be reserved.
More information below.

Greg Cesar

The combination of core level business experience, real life success and failure and success again and again have come together to bring a special mix of assistance to those who are wiling to ask the question:

“What does it take to advance to the ‘next level’ of business using the Internet as my vehicle?”

How can you use the Internet to achieve your goals?

How can you become better known from locally to internationally?

A specialized technology almost always requires unbiased third-party assistance in the form of an experienced mentor or coach.

Someone who is not interested in telling you what you want to hear but who is willing to not only guide you but hold you accountable along the way.

I began coaching and have mentored people from all walks of life over the past 30 years. I love doing it, but I’ve been balancing my time between creative projects and a few corporate clients. But I still do coaching, I just have less slots available and fewer openings.

The power of synergy is often displayed with a mentor. The increase in your personal power from such experiences can be dramatic. The energy that  emits from these  relationship is not only business enhancing but life enriching.

I have a coach and my coach has a coach. Do you have one?

Jeff Herring

The most successful people in the world have coaches, Tiger, Gates, Trump, Oprah, etc. Billionaires call them confidants. The rest of us, just plain old coaches or mentors.

For a limited time, I’m extending a special offer for these services to you.

Here are the areas for your coaching that you can choose from:*

  • Internet Marketing And Strategy
  • Creative Strategies, (writing, artistic, entertainment)
  • Book Publishing, Including Ebooks
  • Online Product Development And Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Professional Level Brainstorming
  • Unbiased Advice and Review

Here’s what you will receive (and more):

  • 1 Hour private phone conference per week. Additional phone time by appointment and availability
  • Unlimited email exchange. Document review and critique, up to four pages a week.
  • This may include copy for promotions newsletters or ad copy.
  • Conference Call Support With You and Your Team (Up to one hour per month ) If you are a sole proprietor, you may add this as additional phone time each month
Fee Structure
Individual Sessions – $445 per hour
Order HereBusiness Account – $3,500 per month
Order Here

Annual Account$35,000A savings of $7,000
Order Here

Annual Monthly Payment PlanDown payment of $9,000 – Then, $3,300 per month.
Order Here

This offers a high level of availability with much greater interaction.

A previous client called this the “fire extinguisher” approach. He said
that even if he didn’t use my services regularly, at least he knew that
I was there if he needed me to help “put out the fires.”

Save $3,500 Now!

Special Business Coaching Offer
NOTICE: This May Be Withdrawn Without Notice

You will receive a total of 3 months as described above for only $7,000

The 60-Minute Session – This is a unique element of assistance. This includes rapid fire brainstorming, creative problem solving and intuitive responses. Coaching, is by necessity, a longer term process of at least four sessions.

The 60-Minute Session is a bottom line fast moving process that you’ll likely profit from as well as enjoy. $445. Order here.

Please note, once you register, we’ll get back to you to set a mutually acceptable time.

Kent McBride

Here’s what a few current and previous clients have to say:

By the end of three months of consultation with Tom, I had secured a
contract doing a job I love to do. My financial picture has changed
entirely, and my creative projects flow in high gear.For me, Tom Justin offers the perfect combination of business acumen,
real-world experience, sound judgment, creativity, and intuitive
talents.  In addition, I have found him extremely accessible
and genuinely caring.

Linda O’Connor
Perhaps I should call you maestro for you certainly orchestrated a
spectacular seminar. The following day I signed up a $600,000 deal. The
worth and value to me of your seminar will be a tremendous enhancement
of my goals relative to my mind, family and finances.

Bruce A. Seymour,
Sales Executive
Sacramento, CA
Some of the most valuable assets any company can have are their
clients. We work with local to Fortune 500 companies and have entrusted
clients to Tom Justin’s care, and he has never disappointed us.

Rob Dodson, President
Vail Dunlap & Associates
We feature up to twenty celebrity trainers at each program such as Jack
Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Harrison, etc…You have helped so
many THOUSANDS to know a better life via your wisdom, teaching art, and
gifts so generously shared. Please make certain your press kit features
requests to call upon our organization to further define why Tom Justin
is simply, one of the best trainers alive today!

Bernhard Dohrmann,
International Learning Trust
“Your advice to me on the first day of your consultation was worth the entire years worth of fees, even if you gave nothing more than that. Of course there was much more.”

Francis Costanzo, CEO
GMX International
Your twenty-two city tour for us was a great success!
Many of our distributors have acknowledged their increased sales and
recruiting volume directly to your rally and training tour.

Larry Proffit.
International Director of Training, Nikken
Tom Justin
Tom Justin

is best known as an author, speaker and strategist. His clients have included billion dollar international giants to start-ups. His individualized coaching has served clients from corporate executives to movie stars.

He is the author of How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed, Relationship Breakthroughs and the co-creator of the web based training program, First Step Internet Marketing PLUS.

As a professional speaker, Tom has spoken throughout the US as well as appearances in Europe and Asia. Larry King said of him, “Tom Justin is a terrific story teller. His message will inspire teach and entertain you!” Jack Canfield, the co-author of The Chicken Soup For the Soul” series called him the “Jonas Salk of Rejection.”

Tom is also well known as an international entrepreneurial specialist with a diverse group of clients that have included American Airlines, Rexall, Entrepreneur Magazine, Nikken, Petrolane, Nu-Skin, L’Arome (USA) and many others. He served as executive editor and co-author for Entrepreneur Magazine’s five volume series The Entrepreneur Institute later renamed Small Business Encyclopedia. He is also currently guiding his clients through the maze of Internet marketing and promotion strategies.

Tom has been featured in Reader’s Digest, CBS News, and ABC Radio’s Paul Harvey News.  He has also appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Notice: In addition to Tom’s consulting and other programs developed by him, he is also an affiliate of other services and products and may receive a commission from his recommendations.

* Personal service engagements such as coaching are non-refundable. Dates may be postponed or moved forward upon mutual agreement without penalty.